TaskStore.in — Playstore for Scripts that help achieve tasks

Sangram Chavan
1 min readMar 28, 2022


Website: Taskstore.in

I would like to share a product that has kept me occupied for a long. Taskstore.in came into existence while I was working on scripts.


Using scripts for a Non-tech person is hard, No easy way to distribute scripts built by a #developer.

Running a script requires; 1. technical know-how 2. compiler or editor 3. installing dependency 4. navigating to a folder and running on the terminal is not convenient

There’s no tool/platform that helps import and runs scripts


Taskstore is… Play Store for #tasks.

Simple to install and easy to use like #mac Dock

Providing a platform to run #python scripts with a single click

The easiest way to share #scripts creating a lib that tech and non-tech people can utilise to achieve tasks


Currently supporting macOS, working on supporting multiple platforms and enabling developers to add their own scripts.

Demo of few scripts:

Any suggestions?



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